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Industrial Mechanic's Pocket Guide

A priceless tool for Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics.

Millwright's pocket guide - Industrial mechanic's pocket guide

Now 42 pages of invaluable information for your everyday work and still in the same plasticized format. It fits in your shirt pocket.

All our pocket guides are plasticized for a better durability and better reading. They make the perfect gifts for your employees, clients and even to your students. And all this with your logo and company address (additional fees required.).

It's also a promotional tool that last for years. Contact us for more details.

Formulas and easy to use examples for areas, volumes, triangles...

See the section

 Mathématiques appliquées


Drill bits, threads, speed, SI and Imperial.

Alignment formulas with easy to follow examples..ent


Table for installing and adjusting spherical roller bearings.

Table and example on how to install spherical ball bearings.


Formulas and easy to use examples on how to calculate the lenght of a V belt or belt roll.

See section Transmission de mouvements

Formulas and easy to use examples on how to calculate speed ratios of simple and multiple pulleys

See section Transmission de mouvements


Choose the correct tip and adjust to the optimum pressure for heating, cutting and welding with oxyacetylene gas.

See section Soudage

This section alone can help you save hundreds of dollars in oxygen and acetylene consumption in a year.

Logo d'entreprise - promotion - Mécanique industrielle

Promote your enterprise by adding your logo and address.

(Additional fees for publicity, logo and colors are applicable).




Order your Industrial Mechanic's pocket guide now.

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